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To whom it may help

Every individual has his own unique signature. The signature represents your identity.

It is how you want the world to see you. Have you ever noticed that your signature is different from your script?

It’s with the help of this science that we call as graphology enables us to understand the difference between the script and personality.

Unfortunately, most people choose their signature with no knowledge of the underlying psychological meanings of each stroke, therefore unknowingly they send the wrong message to everyone’s unconscious mind

Even those that have been trained in handwriting analysis. Thus, it’s not right to judge a person by his signature as it only shows what the person wants to show about himself, which might not be actually true

Signature Makeover

Signature gives us different information other than the writing. The script is the original personality, while the signature is the mask that the world sees about you.

In this case, we have different variations on this topic. When the script is as same as the signature “you show the world what you are, the same person”.

If the signature is larger than the script it indicates that the writer wants to represent himself as a confident one with good self-esteem.

Smaller the signature than the script means the writer lacks self-confidence, he does not have a desire to be seen to the world, he would rather prefer to stay in his shell of insecurities.

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