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Advance Level 301

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To whom it may help

The collegiate level course to master psychology through handwriting analysis for counseling, coaching, human resources, and true personality transformation.

If you are fascinated with people, psychology and science of understanding personality this training are for you.

After taking this course, you will have the ability to capture and express in words the essence of someone's core personality and their deepest wounds and motivations and life.

Make a full or part-time living through counseling, coaching, or helping companies select the right employee.

You will be certified in this remarkable skill from the world's leading school of transformational handwriting analysis Handwriting University International.

Some people think handwriting analysis is just about handwriting. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Handwriting is just the map that we use to Uncover deep layers of in-depth psychological issues that every human being
Inside this 17 module online training, you will dive deep into key areas of life that really matters..

  •    1. Fears
  •    2. Motivation
  •    3. Relationships
  •    4. Success
  •    5. Failure
  •    6. Values and Beliefs

Includes handouts and handwriting samples for all 17 sections:

  1.    1. Basics
  2.    2. Slant, Size, Pressure
  3.    3. Love & Relationships
  4.    4. Fears & Defenses
  5.    5. Criminal Minds
  6.    6. The Letter t-party
  7.    7. Thinking Patterns &Intelligence
  8.    8. Misc. Traits and Exceptions
  9.    9. Hot Seats and Case Studies

  1. 10. Graphotherapy & Roadblocks to Success
  2. 11. Success Traits
  3. 12. Holistic Graphology
  4. 13. Document Examination
  5. 14. The Business of Handwriting Analysis
  6. 15. Test Review and Online Exam
  7. 16. Trait Stacking and Evaluated Traits
  8. 17. Over 20 hours of classic mp3 audio lectures from the past 2 decades of trainings.

when you have completed all 17 modules, you can sit for your final exam and get certified!

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Looking for Certified Handwriting Expert ?

Neelam Kriplani has the full approval and is authorized to train, mentor, consult, as well as sell and deliver the core curriculum of Handwriting University programs.

There are only a select few authorized resellers and authorized Mentors in the United States. Neelam Kriplani teaches local classes and supports students worldwide via Skype and telephone tutoring. He can even get you enrolled in the Certification Home Study Course. Plus, if you purchase the course from Neelam Kriplani, you will get the exact same course as Handwriting University sells and personalized mentoring throughout your education. Once complete, you can take your final exam and you can become certified through Handwriting University USA.

Neelam Kriplani to get your handwriting analyzed, take a local course, enroll into the Basic (101) or Certification (301) Course. Plus, if you have never had your handwriting analyzed by a professional, you will want to hire Neelam Kriplani for a comprehensive analysis of yourself, your spouse, and your employees.

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