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Graphology is a science wherein we study our subconscious mind through the formations of letters or figures on a paper. As every individual has a different level of perception so are the letter formations. The best example to understand is that all kids are taught the same methodology to write, but as time passes whether it is print or cursive is not only the matter every letter has a different starting and ending stroke.

It is basically all what has influenced the childs mind right from the beginning he has learnt to understand and grasp things. All his set of emotions , positive or negative have framed into those particular formations. His way of thinking, his way of expressing his emotions, his fears, his self esteem , his concentration level, his demand to get more attention of parents is one of the major issue seen in today’s kids handwriting, therefore the science of graphology can help his parents especially to have a deep driven motive where a parent can catch hold the root cause of the kids behaviour.it can also help you to guide him towards a right career.

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