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What is Graphotherapy

Graphotherapy is a specific process designed to reprogram the Personality through repetitive, small, micro-movements of the fingers. It’s not just a process…it’s a therapeutic process. So by therapeutic, we mean that it is a process designed to create change. Therapy usually means that there are an illness and healing. A person can be in therapy even if they are not sick. Let’s assume that you have moderate self-esteem and want to work on a great self-image. Either way, you are actually making changes to the physiology.

It is a therapeutic process designed to reprogram the personality through specific repetitive small micro movements of the fingers, which in turn affect the synaptic pathways inside the brain. This is done over a period of 21 days by assigning a positive pen stroke to positively affect the personality.

The brain is electrical in nature. Your brain is part of your body. Maybe your mind and your spirit aren’t part of your body, but they interrelate. So this is a really good way to get your body moving toward it Imagine you’ve got your temperature and your heart rate and your brain and your eyeballs, and your eye sockets and your synaptic pathways…all that is true. But if you’re attempting to have some spiritual enlightenment, and you’re trying to not use this amazing body for enlightenment, that’s a little myopic. Why don’t you use your body? One of the things your body does so well is that it creates patterns and habits outside of your awareness. Some of those habits are not useful, but the same mechanism can help you program good habits.

“What gets fired together gets wired together.”

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