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Basic Level 101


Courses Overview

Beginners Success and Transformation Course Through Psychology and Handwriting Analysis.

This course is the most direct, step-by-step training program ever developed to teach the science of understanding, predicting and helping change people's behavior through handwriting.

12 Audio Lessons:

  1. 1.Introduction
  2. 2.FAQ
  3. 3.Measuring Slant, Emotional Outlay
  4. 4.Choosing the Slant
  5. 5.Emotional Descriptions
  1. 6.Seminar Highlights
  2. 7.Esteem and the Letter T
  3. 8.Sex Drives and the Letter Y
  4. 9.Honesty and the Letter O
  5. 10.Fears and Defenses

    Plus more...

    The complete 72-page Handwriting Analysis 101 Level one Introduction to Basic Traits book.

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The Grapho-Deck Flash Cards

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Full color HD videos

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Plus, the entire 101 book on Audio.

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8 Video Lessons:

  1. The course answers these questions:

  2. 1. What are the 13 different meanings of the letter t?
  3. 2. How can we tell someone's level of emotional expression by their writing?
  4. 3. How do we measure slant?
  5. 4. How do we "change" our bad traits?
  6. 5. What are the 5 "trouble traits" in handwriting?
  7. 6. What is the one letter which reveals a pathological liar?
  8. 7. What single letter reveals the sex drive and intimacy issues?
  9. 8. How do you analyse cursive and printing?
  10. 9. How do you overcome self-sabotage or fear of success?
  11. And much, much, more.
  1. Advantages:

  2. 1. The Big fears that stop you
  3. 2. How to Measure Slant & determine emotional outlay.
  4. 3. Boosting Your Confidence and Esteem Intimacy
  5. 4. Grapho-therapy and changing your fears through handwriting changes.
  6. 5. Lying, Honesty and Communication Styles
  7. 6. Sexuality and Sex Drives

    Bonus Item: Quick Reference Guide and Trait Dictionary PDF file with over 50 primary traits and full descriptions

    Bonus Item: The Emotional Gauge.The Grapho-Deck Flash Cards are included in both high resolution format and shipped to your door.

    (if you order the shipped to your door version).

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